The Cy Coleman New American Musical reading Series – FREE

Stephen Schwartz

The Cy Coleman New American Musical reading Series – FREE

Presented by The American Theater Group
In Association with The ASCAP Foundation

Under the aegis of Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Godspell, Pippin) ATG will present staged readings of new musicals from some of the musical theater’s most promising new writers. Audiences will watch top-flight New York performers and be invited to offer feedback that will help shape these musicals that aspire to Broadway and beyond. The feedback sessions will be moderated by Mr. Schwartz.*

Reservations required. Limited to two guests per reservation.

*Subject to his availability.


Rocket Science

Book by Patricia Cotter
Music by Stephen Weiner
Lyrics by Jason Rhyne
Orchestrations by Remy Kurs


October 12th, 8 PM


Based on the HBO movie of the same name, Rocket Science is the story of Hal Hefner, life long stutterer and odd ball. He is bright, funny and stuck behind a wall of words he can’t quite get out of his mouth — until Queen of the Debate Team, Jenny Ryerson, plucks him from high school obscurity and entreats him join the High School Forensics Team. It’s love at first tsunami and soon Hal begins a life altering journey to tackle his biggest challenge: finding his true voice.

Rocket Science is the anti-high school musical. A musical for anybody stuck at the back of the lunch line, hoping for pizza, but knowing, odds are, they’re going to get stuck with the fish fillet; for the ones last chosen in gym class; for those who sat home with their parents on Prom Night. It’s a story of one boy’s determination, obsession and bravery to go after what he wants, even when what he wants makes no sense considering who he is. High School Debate might not beRocket Science, but it is about being brave, and about risking everything just for the chance to stand in the light of the one you love, even if it’s just for a moment.